Jan 30, 2023 1 min read

How I use Tilix

How I use Tilix

Tilix is a tool used for terminal multiplexing on computers running Linux. It is super-functional and highly-customizable. My main goal is to make my workflow more efficient. Tilix does this, and once it's set up it just works. Check out this video. I demonstrate how to install and use it over the first 10 minutes and then get into how I customize it.


OS Command
Debian sudo apt install tilix
Fedora sudo dnf install tilix
Arch pacman -S tilix


Main page



Function Shortcut Key
Vertical split Ctrl + Alt + R
Horizontal split Ctrl + Alt + D
Navigate terminals Alt + arrow, Alt + #
Adjust terminal size Alt + Shift + arrow
Fullscreen Ctrl + Shift + x
View windows F12
Change windows Ctrl + PageUp/PageDn, Ctrl + Alt + #

Great group of themes here:
Also Dracula:


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