The ip command in Linux can be used to analyze, configure, and troubleshoot your system. It's a powerhouse! ⚡

This article and video are Part 2 of TCP/IP & Linux. Consider reading and watching that first.

The ip command displays information about interfaces, devices, routing, and tunnels. You can also use it to manipulate those.

For example, the ip a  command will show the IP address of the Linux system you are working at (among other things). The IP address might be displayed like this:


For more information about the ip command, try one of the following:

ip --help
man ip

ip --help displays the basic help file for the ip command. man ip displays the entire manual page for the command. The manual page is the in-depth source of information. Use it!

When you are finished with a manual page, press q to quit and go back to the shell.

Watch the following video where I show how to analyze a Linux system with the ip command. Read on for the deep dive into the ip command.

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