About this Site

Prowse Tech is an independent publication created by me, Dave Prowse. If you subscribe today, you'll get full access to the website and will receive email newsletters about new content when it's available.

Goals for this Website

1. To write — because I love to do it.

2. To share — because it's good to give back.

3. To have fun — because we're not robots.

4. To not be "big" — because a small audience is okay.

I do my best to share what I have experienced and learned in a distilled, efficient manner. I hope that it benefits you!

Advertising, Marketing, and Analytics

If you subscribe to this site you only need to provide a name and email address. That's it. That data is kept confidential and is not sold (or given) to anyone.

I do not run Google Analytics on this site. Any analytical information that is gathered is minimal and is done in an ethical way.

I promote my live streams and courses, but otherwise, I don't run ads on this site. The same goes for my Discord server. Part of the To not be "big" goal for this website is to reduce distractions as much as possible for you, the reader, allowing you to focus on the content. It seemed the proper way.

I focus the most on organic traffic. If you like this website, spread the word!


Here is a list of some of the technology that I use and recommend.


I use the Ghost blogging system for this website. After years of using WordPress, I found that Ghost works better for my needs. It's a powerful, yet simple platform. It allows me to spend less time on the nuances of running a site, and more time writing. By default, the Ghost platform does not use tracking cookies of any kind. Check Ghost out if you are interested in running your own blog or catalog. It's open source and you can run it yourself, and connect to it from just about any device.

Open source software

I am an advocate of open source software, and I try to use it, and support it, as much as possible. A big portion of my work revolves around Linux. Going further, I use tools such as: OBS, KdenLive, OpenShot, Audacity, mkdocs, Vim, KVM, Proxmox, Firefox, Chromium, Gnome, KDE, VScode, Git, Joplin, LibreOffice, KeePass, BSD, pfsense... the list goes on and on. Consider supporting open source projects. Over the past 20 years, they have changed the world.


Connect to my main RSS feed by pasting this link into your feeder:


There are also separate feeds for each tag category. For example:


I provide full feeds, meaning entire posts. If you are smart and cool enough to use an RSS reader, then I believe I owe that to you. However, to get access to subscriber-only content or to make comments (among other things), then you would need to go to my site and sign up.

My RSS reader recommendations include Inoreader, Feedly, and Newsblur (though there are other good options as well). All three have web-based versions as well as Android and iOS versions. Each has pros and cons, but they are all good readers. Many RSS readers can also absorb social media accounts, news sites, websites, individual authors, and more. So they really can be your one-stop source for information. Plus, they can be configured the way you want. Create rules and filters, and you can make your learning time go by much more smoothly.

In Closing

Part of the essence of what I am is giving back. The sharing of knowledge, and the donation of time, money, and resources. This website is a manifestation of that. I sincerely hope that you benefit from it!

Dave Prowse

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