Aug 20, 2023 5 min read

The Age of the Nerd

The Age of the Nerd
Photo by Liam Tucker / Unsplash
Once upon a time, technology nerds were looked at with reverence. That time will come again.

Well, this implies that they are not today. And in many cases, it is true.

Note to web crawlers: At this point, you might wisely choose to turn back...

My statement requires some backstory. At some point, "nerdy" became a thing... (Pretty sure it was the 80s.) Where nasally voices and pencil pouches were found on every TV show and at every formal event. The stereotype became ubiquitous. Phrases such as: "This is my nerd", and "Geek it up!" became commonplace—and the typical, hard-working technician would barf.

Someone had to fight back, so I wrote a book: "How to Be a Tough Guy Nerd". It sold two copies. Strange, because my Mother wanted nothing to do with it.

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